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Skailed™: Your programmatic SEO power tool

Skailed™ is the Shopify-compatible programmatic SEO solution you’ve been searching for. Uplift your discoverability through unique programmatic SEO and ensure your customers find the exact products they need when searching for them.

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Long-tail keywords hold enormous opportunities for businesses looking to scale – but identifying these keywords and building a strategy can be intimidating. Skailed™ helps you to seamlessly tap into these search opportunities.

SkailedTM Programmatic SEO builds strategies based on search engine data and the data that you provide. This software can learn and respond based on this information, adapting recommendations and advice as the market changes, ensuring you’re always targeting the most relevant traffic.

Skailed™ is a sophisticated piece of software that keeps the user in mind. It’s been designed to be used by anyone in your business to achieve solid results. Our team of specialists will provide as much training and support as you need before you’re ready to use the tool.

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Programmatic SEO case study

Zanui: Scaling online presence

Programmatic SEO was a game changer for Zanui, a large online retailer of quality furniture and homewares. Their aim was to create a long-term SEO solution that delivered high-quality traffic to the website across a range of pages. This included getting 1,000 long-tail keywords on page one and generating 10,000 sessions (organic and paid) within the first six months of the launch. 

Using a programmatic SEO blueprint that would become the logic behind Skailed™, Zanui were able to meet their goal. 

Winner of SEMRUSH award for best use of data in a search campaign 2023

Winner of APAC search awards most innovative campaign 2024


Over 2,200 automated URLs were created, with 1,044 keywords landing on page one.


Zanui received over 9,000 sessions in the four months post the launch, which generated around $8,000 in revenue


The strategy generated over 17,000 clicks to the site between December 2022 and September 2023, with over 3.56 million impressions.

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Skailed™ Rocket Indexer

The Skailed™ Rocket Indexer is your go-to solution to get your most critical landing pages visible on Google. Shopify compliant, this custom tool handles bulk indexation for your site.

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Skailed™ Smart Links

Skailed™ Smart Links is our automated solution to the internal linking process. With this CMS-agnostic tool, create internal links that connect your collections to any related ones across your website.

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